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Customers own digital prints

In addition to our stock library of digital images, we are more than happy to take your own digital images, and use them to create unique and stunning lamp shade and luminaire designers.

We can even mathematically manipulate images to reform them to fit around sloped shades such as Empires and Retro Drums, without distorting the image, allowing for some really quite special results.

Self Supply Specifications

If you wish us to print your own designs, in order to cut down setup times, we require the images in a specific format.

SIZE AND RESOLUTION: If the image has come from a camera, then the image size should be 10x14", or 5x7", with a minimum of 72dpi (resolution). If you have altered the image yourself, then a minimum of 300dpi is required, to avoid our resizing affecting your own modifications.

COLOUR DEPTH: 8 bit colour is required. However, if you wish, you can use 16 bit colour for the image, although most graphics programs do not currently support this.

FILE FORMAT: Please send the image to us as either a TIF / TIFF (tagged image file), or as a PSD / PDD (Photoshop proprietary format). Please do not send us JPG / JPEG images if at all possible, as the possible loss of quality in this format will be noticeable.

DELIVERY METHOD: If at all possible, please send the images to us on a CD-ROM disc, ensuring that any correspondance has clearly stated which images you wish to use (especially if you include multiple versions of the same image). We are not currently accepting emailed images over 5Mb in size (which most will be). If you have access to a webserver / image-site, you may also give us a URL to download images from, or utilise popular services such as Dropbox.